Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Aren't You Reading My Blog?

When I first started this profitable venture oh so many years ago, I dreamed of gaining an audience, a readership if you will. I had grandiose dreams of achieving immortality and fortune through the interconnectedness of the electronic marvel we call the Worldwide Web.

Oh, how naive. Friends, I'm going to put it bluntly when I tell you that since I initiated this little undertaking more than two years ago, I have had 1,207 hits. One-thousand-two hundred. And seven. Maybe I should have started a porno site. The saddest part of all? Many of the hits were me just re-reading all my ramblings. The rest were friends and family (and some employer prospects -- oops).

Oh, how I wish the blog had never been invented. Oh, how I wish I'd started a porno site!


zero comments said...

Learn to drive.

Timothy Chen Allen said...

Okay, I just read some of the entries in your blog. And I must say, I was wrong not to read them before. You're funny. Actually, I quite enjoyed Your first Prostate exam.

So write more, I will read it. And figure out how to turn on following for your site (it's in the dashboard), 'cuz I added you to my google reader, but they say you have no feed.

Anonymous said...

So is that it then?